What Others Say About BDC Classes and Groups:


~ "Applying the principles and prayers I learned in the Journey of Forgiveness class changed my life and transformed my relationship with my spouse and our family." 

- Keren Z. 


~ "The easiest way for me to explain myself before Journey of Forgiveness is to say that I was like a crumpled up piece of paper, that just kept getting more and more crumpled over time. After going through the class and working through many areas of unforgiveness towards others as well as myself, I feel that I was slowly able to uncrumple that paper and even though there are still little wrinkles here and there that still need to be worked on, it's amazing how freeing it feels to flatten it all out and know that with God by my side, I have the tools to get through any situation that comes my way. Such an incredible 'Journey'!" 

- D.C


~My life has been healed, and as a result, the most precious relationships in my life are being healed, too.

Five days after doing forgiveness for my sister, she had a stroke. The timing prepared me to recoginze the second chance I was given for a better relationship in a usually very contentious one.

- Sunny D. 


~I came into the class very hurt and angry at one of my sisters. Within a short period of time I felt relieved of my pain. It was acknowledge and lifted in a wonderful way. Sheila embraced all of us in a meaningful way, kept the class focused and moved us through some difficult material. I am profoundly grateful to her.

- Cate D. 


~ "Everyone should take this class! It will save your life!" 

-  Monique C. 


~ "I would definitely recommend!" 

-  C.H.